The Stephanie Albright Foundation supports the Hopewell Fish and Game Association Youth Program Series for kids ages 5 to 17.

Since 1940 Hopewell Fish and Game Association has maintained the goal of bringing together outdoor sports minded men & women, and their families, to educate and share their interest in hunting, fishing, target sports, camping, and more. In particular, they strive to conserve, maintain, protect and restore soils, water, and wildlife; and to promote means and opportunities for the education of the broader public with respect to such resources.
They hold firm the belief that true sportsmanship consists not only in the education, conservation and propagation of fish and wildlife but doing so in cooperation with and respecting the rights of farmers and landowners.

Pursuant to their mission, Hopewell Fish and Game Association hosts and participates in many public service programs each year. These include Youth Days, Hunter Safety classes, Community festivals, Scouting Events, Police and First-Responder Events, and School Events.

Fishing and Youth
"Let’s face it, kids today are going to have a phone, Xbox controller, or tablet in their hands at some point…

And don’t get me wrong, technology is certainly not some evil thing by any means… it’s only when technology is abused and becomes an addiction when there a real problem.

Sadly, too many kids are way too addicted to “being connected” at all times today. And because this young generation is the first one in history to grow up around smartphones and Wifi 24/7, there are no studies to gauge just how big of an impact this is going to have on today’s kids when they get older.

But regardless of how cell phone and Xbox addictions impact them in the future, it is certainly taking a toll in the present day with more obese kids in America than ever before.

So why not get them outside with a fishing rod in hand?

The feel of a fish hitting your line is something that no technology can beat, and it will do them good to “disconnect” from technology and “connect” with a fish instead."

~ Michael Males, Club President

Focus and Self Discipline
The very heart of archery is learning a step-by-step method for drawing a bow and shooting an arrow. Even the youngest archers quickly learn that by slowing down and focusing on one step at a time, they are more successful at putting arrows in the middle of the target.

When archers make mistakes, they are taught that the solution is to analyze their steps and focus on improving one thing at a time. This is a great recipe for success on the archery field, in the classroom, and in life.

Teaches Goal Setting
Archery provides a great goal-setting environment. Archers can adapt their goals as they improve by increasing distances and focusing on smaller target rings. Whether students are first-timers or Olympic-hopefuls, archery fits their growing needs.

Builds Confidence and Self-Awareness
Whether your “target” is improving your health, physique, sociability or focus, archery can help you hit the bull’s-eye and be a more confident you, in and out of the classroom.

For information, please contact Hopewell Youth Committee at 443-928-1940
OR visit their website at www.HopewellFishandGame.com.

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